Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Website Wednesday!

I am putting the shout for the following info in regards to the Houston Marathon (yay I got in!):

1. Have you taken the rapid transit line in Seattle to the Airport - if so how is it? I am flying out of Seatac but coming in from out of town.

2. Hotels in downtown Houston - do you have any recommendations - right now TripAdvisor and Expedia are telling me conflicting info about the quality of the hotels. I am looking at ONLY downtown hotels, I have to be able to walk to the start line and back to the hotel.

3. Food in Houston - I know my GF, DF, SF diet is annoying - but all I need to do is feed myself three meals of which ethnic food is the easiest to adapt the above... but will try anything. I do know that there is no Whole Foods in downtown Houston which is sad but not unexpected, but if you have the inside track to any other Health Food stores downtown that would be great so I don't have to fly with my Almond milk

Of course today's website is the HOUSTON MARATHON


  1. um...houston is perhaps the worst american city i have every been to. everything, and i mean EVERYTHING, is closed on sunday sunday, and there is nothing in the way of ethnicity. how bout some grits? -cc

  2. I had a feeling about that given the lay out of the hotels in the downtown. Oklahoma City was exactly the same way - everything was completely dead. I find it really weird but it must be the way they do things. Though on a race weekend you think it would be different with 22000+ people running and all their peeps coming with.

    At this point I think I should be fine with food - I am going to make granola and bring almond milk as well as some other snack like items.

    I will just have to rely on the hotel food for the other three meals if there are not feasible options. I haven't really looked for vegan restaurants in the area - I know there are quite a lot of them in Texas.

    My big issue was the hotel reviews in Trip Advisor - right now I'm leaning towards the Magnolia Hotel. In the end all hotels located around the convention centre are in the same price range.

    But hell I can eat grits, just as long as they leave the cheese and butter out but I believe that's sacriledge.

  3. Have to disagree with Anonymous - Houston is the 4th largest city in the US and has absolutely overwhelming amounts of delicious ethnic food (and not just Tex-Mex). You can get soy & almond milk at almost any grocery store. Magnolia would be a nice hotel - Hilton Americas is closer to the start/end, but Magnolia isn't all that far, and may be nicer as it is smaller.

    The only challenge is transportation. Peruvian, Thai, Vietnamese are all within striking distance, as are some fabulous not-so-ethinic but very foodie-friendly spots.

    If you are near the light rail, and Magnolia is, you can hit the farmer's market at T'afia on Saturday morning, then go back to dine that night. Bet you could inquire ahead and get a fabulous gluten-free carbo loading meal there.

    At work - will try to think of some helpful resources I can point out & send when possible. Glad you are coming to Houston. It is hot now, but that means mild come January!

  4. Thanks Nonsequiteuse for your response.

    In regards to the Magnolia - that is sort of why I was considering it - I found that after staying in a hotel downtown Oklahoma that marathoners or their entoragues are inclined to party oddly enough, and I would prefer somewhere were the chances of quiet are higher.

    I had seen some information about the light rail line and I will have to look at that. I definitely want to be able to eat some good food. I have found that has been a problem in the past.

    If you have any more information that would be really, really appreciated.