Sunday, May 24, 2009

My Apologies

The blog has been lost by the way side much like my running these days, to the point where despite the fact that I would love running to be the most important part of my day, it can't be - I have papers, a job and a home to try to stay afloat in, never mind I'm hitting the airport again for another trip. Travel has become my middle name in the last year and I'm starting to actually like it. So on those notes here's what seems to be happening:

The marathon is going to have to be a no-go, I think at this point I need to re-evaluate my running, step back and start over, start encorporating yoga into my life again and trying to find a way to grow my life and running together in a way that doesn't abandon either but rather teaches the two of them to live together.

On that note I've decided to try and switch to the half in San Fran and then do another half in the fall somewhere and then aim for the full in Philidephia where my aunt lives. It will be the perfect time for a long run, cold - much like my home climate. And then from there just keep going, as I should have found how to work the two aspects together - there's a marathon in Houston in January and we just keep going from there.

A second programing note I'm off to New York, so this week's programming is delayed, but because I love music and have a desire to see Vegas again, maybe even this summer..

Waking Up in Vegas - Katy Perry

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Music Monday

Yesterday was a holiday and to be honest I've been running dry on the whole music selection, so I've turned to the person next to me for help and this was what we've got:

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Change in Your Programming

I have to say that today has been one of those days - the kind that spurn you on to run your guts out because somewhere something is telling you lay it out, sweat it all out of your pores - purge the guts out of this and get a little glow while we're at it.

Music that motivates me on days like today - fair warning the first two are NOT CENSORED for language, consider yourselves sufficiently warned:

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A diversion

I have not run in almost 5 days, if not longer - and while I would prefer not to think about it, the self guilt it pretty strong, I keep waking up going why do you feel you HAVE to go to the gym/for a run. Yes you paid money for the race, yes it is a full marathon and time is a ticking, but let's clarify this - you are on your second round of antibiotics because you believed that you HAD to run despite everything. So stop, sleep, eat and enjoy the wonders of Biaxin (or not), and let's ditch this necessity thing. But of course running isn't the only place in my where I've encountered this, and maybe that's why I've started to get so adamant with myself about it all. Let's be honest - why am I running? Am I running for a PR? Am I running so that I won't pause when a specific person hugs me, or worry what someone thinks of my physique? Am I running for health? Am I running to be one of those people that makes the rest feel guilty? Or am I running for other reason?

I have to say I know that every race will likely by a PR as I go forward, and sure I run/gym for feeling firmer rather than soft, but if that's all that matters to someone I'm not sure I'm okay with that, do I run to make you feel bad, no but I hope I run, like J to inspire someone to get up and get out - run to the end of their block and each time just go a little father, because you never know where you'll end up taking yourself, what you'll be able to change.

So while I'm out of commission I hope the rest of you are running on, I'll catch up in no time.

Today's Musical Reference comes courtesy of J:

Monday, May 11, 2009

Music Monday

I was trying to ignore my burning feet at Mile 3 (during the Half) and the excruciating heat when I heard the faint sound of the Rocky Theme song, I thought I was hallucinating, what the hell, where is that coming from. It wasn't me, it was the military looking guy 4 people over to my left, I felt like flagging him down, you want to run closer, eh, because I could use me some Rocky, and maybe you too (that thought though was likely due to the humidity)... For all of you who need a little Rocky:

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Sickness Saturday

Remember way back in February when I said I was sick? Well that sickness came and went for the next few months, flaring up normally just as training ramped up or work and life stress increased. I figured it could be the job, it could be my office, even training for a 1/2 and then subsequently a full. In the in between times of no apparent illness I was exhausted, which I chocked up to running, but given that I had given up my vegan diet and there was no reason that running should be causing this kind of lethargy I once again blamed it on the job. Who knows maybe it was all of the above, or an immune system that either decided to keep fighting unsuccessfully or resigned itself who knows. Regardless I'm on my second course of antibiotics, I will in the end have been on medication for 20 days in an attempt to rid my body of one hell of a sinus infection. This new course is stronger, far stronger and I am about to crawl back into bed after finishing my pancakes with some Gravol and hope that the nausea and the general shitty feeling goes away. On the plus side the amount of green goo has increased and I am going to believe right now that is it trying to escape the throws of the cavalry. I do have to say though it has made me wonder this:

Should we really run despite illness? It is argued head cold is fine, flu not so much, but I can't help but wonder if I had just taken time off work and running if I wouldn't be in this predicament?

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Website Wednesday

I read a special in a magazine on Back on My Feet a while back and then had a chance to see her on CNN Heroes. I strongly encourage you to check the site out. I think we so often ignore the fact that when people can feel human, that is when the healing actually starts. I know for myself, that while I wasn't in the same place, when I could start seeing strength in myself, that was when I was able to really start moving forward. So check out Ann and the work she's doing.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Music Monday

Sometimes the thing that makes a running song, a running song for someone is who sings it, or the significance. I don't know if this is quite a running song right now, but it's a good middle pace song - I've provided the song with two different singers:

Come On Get Higher - Matt Nathanson