Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Gear Review

I am aware that it is "Website Wednesday" but since it's my blog I can detour the schedule. I purchased two new running skirts a few weeks ago in an attempt to find a new running skirt that wasn't too short, to see-through or too "sticky."

I will preface my review by stating that I am a 5'5 "pear" shaped woman - so if you are taller or short or apple or whatever you may or may not find that the same problems or successes occur.

1. Lucy brand - I purchased in desperation and wore for the Philadelphia Marathon over my tights. It worked. It doesn't really work for day to day running, the compression shorts are not all that "compression like" but the bigger issue is that the short fabric and the skirt fabric are the same stretchy/cotton like material. As such there is a lot of ride up. Grade: C (for the price I paid B-/B)

2. New Balance - There are a lot of great options - the side pocket for your IPOD or debit card, the ICE strip. My issue is the same as the Lucy, you can't put the same cotton like fabric on the short and the skirt. Even worse, the white color. It is shockingly transparent. I will say that I will still use the skirt in the winter as a layer over my tights. At that point I won't be worried about pulling it down or what can be seen through the back. Grade: C

3. Nike "Personal Best"(straight skirt): I purchased the "mini" skirt format of their running skirt last year in Portland. I hated it right away when I started to run in it. Standing it's great, running - well it has a tendency to bunch above the shorts, which defeats the whole purpose. Grade: F (for the price I paid a D, still not a passing grade)

4. Adidas "Supernova": I have worn this skirt consistently - it has it's faults, the shorts or are more less useless compression wise - but the skirt does what a skirt should - flow. It is made entirely of "performance" fabric so it's great in the rain too. My only concern is it is about 2 inches too short for my liking and a low rise waist band. In theory the low rise is great, but it's a little too low rise for my liking. Grade: B+

5. Saucony "Go Girl": I appreciate the higher waist, though it is possibly too high. The light weight skirt makes the issue regarding ride up disappear. My only complaint is the pleating and almost bubble skirt like format isn't that flattering around the waist, though in the end this is really minor considering that it will be covered most of the year. I will say pockets please!! Grade: B+ with pockets like NB's it would an A.

6. Nike "New Adventure": It's a skirt and short hybrid, in that the sides are structured like a short. I like the loose skirt idea - the flow is good. The pockets are an issue though. They have a large one in back that fits an IPod just fine, but I've learned that keys that go into these kinds of pockets always disappear - this is have learned the very hard way. Grade: B+ the rise is great, the pockets fine but the compression shorts ride up. Post script this is my favorite now I discovered the ipod pocket and well we have a winner, high enough and pocketed enough - sure it's short but heck I know shorts alone would still show more - A.

Images in order of review (L to R then top to bottom):

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