Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I requested a BOSU for Christmas - and you might think that is completely crazy but I have to say it is probably more used that my yoga mat that is the same price. I have found that especially since I ditched my gym membership for more pavement time.

Now whether you own a BOSU or have access to one check out these exercises, a large medicine ball could be substituted for many of these.
One that isn't demonstrated on the above series of videos is actually one of my favorites seen below:

Note that I prefer to use to BOSU flipped over when I do this version as I find the softer surface when it is positioned as below strains my wrist.

But hell why stop the challenges there just Google or YouTube BOSU and you'll have enough to keep you crazy for months and months..

Friday, June 4, 2010

Hello There!

So I am back at it, SLOWLY, but surely and here is my new goal - the Seattle Marathon, while I would love to run dozens of races before this one, and maybe how about not running in the Pacific Northwest in November but alas, such is life. I know that I need to give myself the full 16 weeks, if not longer but at this point I am slowly getting up to the base miles for the 16 week training schedule which means if we all do some of our GRE required math I will have until the beginning of August to really get the base miles under my belt. What am I getting at? Well I would like to know that come August that 6 miles is a comfortable aka easier run for me, and that maybe I will have already tried out a 10 miler by then too... You might say well doesn't that defeat the point of a training schedule. Maybe it might, this time I am going to be doing a different schedule - the one in Bart Yasso's book to be exact and I'm going to be running a really hilly course, so much so that the Vegas Marathon a week later looks REALLY appealing and that might just happen instead. My goal is to do it in 4:30. A big challenge, but I might just be able to twist a few arms to join me so we'll see.

All that being said I believe that I should leave you with some music to run to:

This song came on the radio this week at work and I was surprised that I hadn't put up any of their songs - thankfully that issue has been rectified