Monday, August 31, 2009

Music Monday

I've been desperately trying to compile a list of songs I would like to add to my iPod shuffle, thankfully I'm slowly learning to run without - so it will be amazing when I can run with music.

Music like this

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Awesome News!

I found out that there is a loophole in the New York Marathon lottery - it accepts "International" participants without the need to enter the lottery. So if you live outside the USA, which I might happen to, you can apply through the designated mediator and be entered. November 2010 - NYC here I come.

PS. I'm searching for a used treadmill...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Little Motivation

I love motivation, if I could I would plaster my walls in running bibs and cheesy quotes so that every morning like this morning when I've been more than twice awoken to the sound of rain during the night, the front lawn was flooded and it was cold, very cold, eww not summer. I bundled up and hit the treadmill at the gym. My reminder, if this is week two and you're squabbling about rain, what's going to happen in October? You're right self, time to suck it up.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Website Wednesday

Running blogs - it is blogs like these that make me want to blog more about my running and all that - who knows maybe we'll change the format up a bit here - though the original intention was to be a place to start for anyone who runs whether that be 5kms to a dream of an Ultra Marathon -Ooo it's still on the menu (50km -KneeKnocker)...

Check out:

Monday, August 10, 2009

Second Week of Training

And I'm back at the first week of training. I've decided to take this whole thing painfully slow because in the long run I'm going to be vastly better if I am conscious in how I build my base, rather than being oooo, I'm on to Week 2 but I can't really run 3 miles on the treadmill without stopping. So we are back at Week 1 and I'm okay with that. I'm going to respect the run and the process.


Music Monday

I normally am not a dance track kind of music person, but I do have to say I love this:

Friday, August 7, 2009

Food and Pain...

V joined me last night for our first of many runs together, and I might have bitten off more than I can chew in a running partner... I'm having to reign her in and feeling really sheepish doing so. I know that I don't have years and years worth of experience but I have enough to know that one, pain is not something you run through at this stage, sure maybe in a marathon, but not in the first week of training and two, this is a journey, this isn't one of those wake up one morning and do it kind of things.

My main concern is V is complaining of shin splits, something that I honestly haven't thankfully had to compete with, so if that's your thing: check out Runner's World

Another issue we discussed last night was food, V is finding that meat is expensive (which it can be) and that her dislike of beans is proving to be an issue. Two/Three solutions.

1. Meat - opt for cheap cuts or whole, so 1. a whole chicken can become 4 meals plus the base for stock, or a pork shoulder or flank steak can be used for good flavor at a reduced price.

2. Beans - they are your friends and not a musical fruit... lentils, chick peas and black beans can all be utilized into something. V loves re-fried beans and has issues with vegetables, may I suggest:

Mexican "Pizza"

Refried Beans
Whole Wheat Pita/Flatbread or Pizza crust - local coop often have fresh or frozen dough
Salsa or chopped tomatoes
Corn - fresh (roasted)/frozen or otherwise
Onions (Red, green or otherwise)
Olives etc
Any leftover protein - tempeh, chicken, ground beef, steak etc
Cheese - optional

Bake at 375-400 until cooked, simple and easy - crust can be substituted with bagels, English muffins and so on.
Add a side salad and some fruit and you've got a meal

Another option is a whole roasted chicken - they run about $10-15 for a free range bird - keep an eye out on sales, 2 breasts and 2 leg/wing servings (minus the skin) offer good protein that can be eaten as is, in salads, pasta or really any other format.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Website Wednesday

As noted I purchased two clearance item running skirts as I have to say that shorts for a million and one reasons do not work for me - I have a toosh, I have hips and well I have a smaller waist - so to get everything to fit and not have to buy the small tight shorts that require you to also buy self esteem with them, I have just refused to wear shorts. The thing is it's hotter than sin outside, and it seems that the winter marathons are for the most part in the areas where the weather is like that as well, never mind I know the Oklahoma is going to HOT next year. So swallow my short hate and embrace the running skirt is the plan. While I have a Nike and an Adidas one in my repertoire, check out these (also note they have running music lists and running blogs to check out...):

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Asphalt Kicking Here I Come!

I've choked the registration fee and the airline tickets for Philly, it is set in stone. Ack I can't believe I've done this. On the huge plus side I've got free home accommodations. I've decided to try and take out every single obstacle that could happen:

Weather - it's going to be something similar to the weather in my neck of the woods... if it snows then it will be a lot like home - I'm actually going to spike a pair of my runners in a few weeks - take the gym runners out of rotation as they've seen enough miles.

Location - While it is out of my time zone, I've given myself enough time to adjust, no crazy business of my body thinking it's 3am when the alarm goes off a 5am - thankfully this one doesn't start at the crack of dawn either

Food - I have access to a kitchen and a fridge! No eating out and having stomach cramps the night before from the dairy... and even better I can plan my celebration dinner. I have to say that I'm likely to do as I did for Oklahoma find myself not hungry after, then after the cold bath, loads of drugs and a long, very long nap I'll be ready to refuel. Running makes me sleep, I can't explain it, but long runs make me tired.

Cheering Squad - I actually get a photographer and a cheering squad, plus enough time in training to do well. I've decided to skip school for a semester, make yoga my XT and follow the training schedule, no cutting corners - and yes I will be finding myself a massage therapist and making regular visits to my chiro... all should help me finish in my 4:45 estimated time...

Co-Trainers - T and V are going to do the Royal Victoria half with me and T is determined to sub 2:15 it, so I know that I will be in good company to get my 4:45 marathon time programed into my bod...

Monday, August 3, 2009

Music Monday and More Juice

So yes there will be music posted, fear not. I am returning to say that the summer of travelling, stress and school has started to slow down. The future holds for us the following:

1. Review of Adidas and Nike running skirts - it's hotter than sin in this lovely city for the first time in like a 1/2 Century so it's time to embrace global warming and wear shorts, sort of.

2. Ayurvedic diet - I was vegan, and am honestly loathing what "healthy" eating is doing to my energy and body, so I've decided to find a diet (not for weight loss but for eating routine) that seems to encompass all my needs - high in fresh vegetables and fruit, beans, lentils, very low in animal protein and vegan and socially friendly.

3. Racing/Running: 1/2 Marathon in Victoria - I will be joined by T, funny enough years ago T and I started training for a marathon and failed at the training... time for another go at it. Followed by my goal, even if I have to limp/walk it, the Philly Marathon in November. Beyond that we see....

Lastly music:

Frustratingly I was in Hollister waiting for a friend to purchase a shirt and I realized I liked their music but unfortunately no staff, no Iphone and no playlist, so I am going to post the one song that has been bouncing around my head as of late: