Friday, March 13, 2009

Shimmie Shake

I tried the THRIVE diet for all of one grand week, I followed the diet to a T and in the end just about wanted to dive head long into a big hot serving of veggie lasagna. My major complaint was it was too raw, if you live in a climate where the temperature is consistently above zero and it isn't always raining or snowing, then I think it would be much more tolerable. In the end I missed my spices, I missed my slow cooker and I didn't miss the pain in my back from the hours of food preparation.

Whole Food diets though are a wonderful thing and it is something that as the Farmer Markets get into full swing I'll be embracing with more fervor.

I do have to say I loved the Chocolate Almond Shake - this is a modified version

2T Raw Almond Butter
1 Tbsp ground hemp seeds
1 Tbsp Hemp protein
2 Tbsp carob powder or cacao nibs
1 cup cold water + 1/2 cup ice
1 frozen banana or 2-3 Fresh dates
1 T plain Vega Powder

I used a food processor for the recipe as I have a pathetic blender to tackle the dates, with the banana I used the blender.
Photo: and yes I realize it's not the same shake, but I am not at 6am going to start taking pictures of my Nalgene bottle.

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