Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Many W's Wednesday

In honor of more snow in our forecast and the stress that weather can play on our training days, I would like to offer a little insight into my method of stress relief and into my life. Exercise in general for many of us whether we're training or not is a place of stress relief, but sometimes it isn't. For me I turn to yoga which just happens to be beneficial, which leads us to infinite websites that can be used if you cannot make it to a local studio for a variety of reasons ( I would strongly encourage newer practicers to attend a studio for a session, so that you can learn what a corrected/proper posture in the basic poses feels like). I would recommend:
YJ offers class locations, poses, a vinyasa for month and so on, they also offer pod casts and etc.
So on to me, I've been changing my eating this week in a grand, poorly executed test of what I can do to make me feel more like me as the miles increase and maybe lose weight and gain back my upper body muscle tone - obviously that isn't just an add more miles, eat less combo - I'm back to two days on the bike and weights/core work - those were my rest days. This grand test was actually kick started by a review of what I use to eat on an average day when I was a vegan, and let me tell you no wonder I felt better and was thinner...
Today(Some is projected/planned):
1 Moothie - It's an organic yogurt smoothie - Serving size 200mL - instead of my 250-400mL protein smoothie I would make for after workout
1 1/2 eggs (2 whites, one yolk) and a slice of Ezekiel bread, 1 Venti Zen Tea and a banana (breakfast)
2 graham crackers
Sandwich - WF Black Forest ham, LF Havarti, Ranch dressing (LF), grated carrots, sprouts, tomato, and raspberries
Soup - Carrot Ginger soup 1/2 cup serving
2 Graham Crackers, 1 mango diced
Panko breaded Sea Bass, Salad, Broccolini and Whole Wheat Couscous
1 Homemade Graham Cracker w/additional ginger(that's plan for tonight's baking) and a tall soy marble hot chocolate ... of course loads of water


  1. snow?

    and 125 ml of soup! that's almost a waste of dirtying a pot!

  2. It's trying but not quite yet - darn it right? Couldn't I get my spring already? As for the soup I buy almost all my soup from the Freezer section at WF and then split it between two meals - it's enough for one large soup only meal or two small meals. Their Roasted Eggplant is good and I have the Carrot Ginger today. I hear the Beef Barley is also really good - but that's not an option.