Tuesday, October 13, 2009

One More Half Completed...

On Sunday T,V and I stood at the start line, T and V ready to embark on something that I had only once before embarked upon. It wasn't easy, it wasn't hard, but it was without a doubt worth it. I managed 2:25.49, minus an approximate 5 minute potty break that the other two ladies needed to take at the 4km mark.

Lessons learned:

1. Shot Bloks - I loved them, T hated them - T liked the Chocolate Powerbar Gel
2. Water belt - Worth the money so that I could have access to it whenever I needed it
3. Attach the car key to something permanent - the key disappeared somewhere in the 13.1 miles
4. Dress with less than you could ever think you'll need - even if that means layering with clothes you'll discard later

Notes for the future:

1. Arm warmers, they are the future - as long as the future holds firmer arms for me
2. Check the quality of your shoes a week or so before your run, the morning of is not the time to have a close inspection
3. Have the guts to do it again - T and V seem ready to do it again
4. Re-evaluate the future - I am going to switch to a run 10, walk 1 format for the full marathon, lest I die.
5. Love your hills/inclines whatever you want to call them

In the end if you only consolation for the insanity is this, then embrace it - 3% of the population do what we did, even if you don't win, you kicked the asphalt of 97% of your country people, so there!


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