Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Website Wednesday

As noted I purchased two clearance item running skirts as I have to say that shorts for a million and one reasons do not work for me - I have a toosh, I have hips and well I have a smaller waist - so to get everything to fit and not have to buy the small tight shorts that require you to also buy self esteem with them, I have just refused to wear shorts. The thing is it's hotter than sin outside, and it seems that the winter marathons are for the most part in the areas where the weather is like that as well, never mind I know the Oklahoma is going to HOT next year. So swallow my short hate and embrace the running skirt is the plan. While I have a Nike and an Adidas one in my repertoire, check out these (also note they have running music lists and running blogs to check out...):

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