Monday, August 3, 2009

Music Monday and More Juice

So yes there will be music posted, fear not. I am returning to say that the summer of travelling, stress and school has started to slow down. The future holds for us the following:

1. Review of Adidas and Nike running skirts - it's hotter than sin in this lovely city for the first time in like a 1/2 Century so it's time to embrace global warming and wear shorts, sort of.

2. Ayurvedic diet - I was vegan, and am honestly loathing what "healthy" eating is doing to my energy and body, so I've decided to find a diet (not for weight loss but for eating routine) that seems to encompass all my needs - high in fresh vegetables and fruit, beans, lentils, very low in animal protein and vegan and socially friendly.

3. Racing/Running: 1/2 Marathon in Victoria - I will be joined by T, funny enough years ago T and I started training for a marathon and failed at the training... time for another go at it. Followed by my goal, even if I have to limp/walk it, the Philly Marathon in November. Beyond that we see....

Lastly music:

Frustratingly I was in Hollister waiting for a friend to purchase a shirt and I realized I liked their music but unfortunately no staff, no Iphone and no playlist, so I am going to post the one song that has been bouncing around my head as of late:

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