Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Asphalt Kicking Here I Come!

I've choked the registration fee and the airline tickets for Philly, it is set in stone. Ack I can't believe I've done this. On the huge plus side I've got free home accommodations. I've decided to try and take out every single obstacle that could happen:

Weather - it's going to be something similar to the weather in my neck of the woods... if it snows then it will be a lot like home - I'm actually going to spike a pair of my runners in a few weeks - take the gym runners out of rotation as they've seen enough miles.

Location - While it is out of my time zone, I've given myself enough time to adjust, no crazy business of my body thinking it's 3am when the alarm goes off a 5am - thankfully this one doesn't start at the crack of dawn either

Food - I have access to a kitchen and a fridge! No eating out and having stomach cramps the night before from the dairy... and even better I can plan my celebration dinner. I have to say that I'm likely to do as I did for Oklahoma find myself not hungry after, then after the cold bath, loads of drugs and a long, very long nap I'll be ready to refuel. Running makes me sleep, I can't explain it, but long runs make me tired.

Cheering Squad - I actually get a photographer and a cheering squad, plus enough time in training to do well. I've decided to skip school for a semester, make yoga my XT and follow the training schedule, no cutting corners - and yes I will be finding myself a massage therapist and making regular visits to my chiro... all should help me finish in my 4:45 estimated time...

Co-Trainers - T and V are going to do the Royal Victoria half with me and T is determined to sub 2:15 it, so I know that I will be in good company to get my 4:45 marathon time programed into my bod...

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