Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Website Wednesday

This week's website has been nominated by J of (and a running buddy), she's suggested these wonderful resources for all you Apple lovers, from iTunes:

PodRunner - provides specifically chosen songs along a theme, specified by bpm.

Run to 300, a podcast about a novice runner who was bet he couldn't run 300 miles. the winnings: $300.

2 gomers run a half marathon.

And for all you iPhone addicts, apps: Trail Guru for iPod Touch and iPhone, which charts your speed, location and route and allows you to upload to their website to see your running progress. Best part: free!

So there you go folks, no reason not to hit a trail or two - though you might be better off if you head out without the music on a flat the country road with a friend, tell a few gut busting jokes, and get lost accidentally, you might just run a few extra miles in all the fun...

1 comment:

  1. Wheeee! did you know that we actually did over 12 miles that day? I drove our route today and realized just how far past Beaver Marsh we ran... so I added it to our run on Google Maps and WHAM. You basically have already run your half marathon once!!