Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Run Date Etiquette

Honestly I had never considered, a running date or a running date etiquette for that matter. However with the changes of the season, the opening of trails, and well our northern hearts start to melt and all hell breaks loose it seems. So on that note and because Google failed me, I spent my 5 miles this morning considering what I do on a run that might be offensive to someone, and since I'm Molly Manners, it was hard.

1. Don't Spit - I know runners do this, I don't and if you were per chance on a date with me and spat, I can tell you then and there I would stop and we would discuss this issue. I understand people spit, but if I see it, know about or hear it, oh lordy that's not right.

2. Leave the iPod, short shorts and your funky workout gear at home. This is as much of a date as any other date, that means if you've got your ears plugged, and I need to run in front of you for fear of seeing something I don't want to see, or because everything is dying down wind of you due to your rank than we're not going to have fun. This of course goes the other way - a full face of makeup is ridiculous.

3. It is about fun and not about anything crazy. Sure I'm as competitive as the next person, but save it for when you're not going to bruise the person. The last thing you want to see is your likely a little insecure date with that face, you know that face, the you killed my puppy face, she may force a smile, but you've done some serious damage whooping her butt on the 4 mile route.

Now, for me - I was trying to assess myself this morning as I was stretching... J of Disadventure made a comment about a top I was wearing on the weekend, I was wearing the same one today. I think it's acceptable, sure there is cleavage, but really how many running tops these days don't... and well let's be honest I sweat, I mean I am exercising. I was thinking about this specifically in regards to a local trail/hill/run. I love doing it, I think it would be a great thing to do with someone, but I sweat like a mad woman doing it, and well I think that would be horrible...

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  1. So... all I can say is keep the girls well supported on the Grind. you have to lean over a lot, and it's not for the faint of heart. I've heard that unless you are already married and already Grind-ed, that trail is a date-breaker.

    I'm fond of dates that don't involve vegging out, eating huge amounts of food that stain, or getting really drunk, but running is so... messy! I definitely think it's for the seriously confident - at least for the first few dates. Run date at date 5, sure. I'd still prefer a paddle date. Great physical activity, and you still get to sit close, chat, and enjoy the beauty.