Friday, June 4, 2010

Hello There!

So I am back at it, SLOWLY, but surely and here is my new goal - the Seattle Marathon, while I would love to run dozens of races before this one, and maybe how about not running in the Pacific Northwest in November but alas, such is life. I know that I need to give myself the full 16 weeks, if not longer but at this point I am slowly getting up to the base miles for the 16 week training schedule which means if we all do some of our GRE required math I will have until the beginning of August to really get the base miles under my belt. What am I getting at? Well I would like to know that come August that 6 miles is a comfortable aka easier run for me, and that maybe I will have already tried out a 10 miler by then too... You might say well doesn't that defeat the point of a training schedule. Maybe it might, this time I am going to be doing a different schedule - the one in Bart Yasso's book to be exact and I'm going to be running a really hilly course, so much so that the Vegas Marathon a week later looks REALLY appealing and that might just happen instead. My goal is to do it in 4:30. A big challenge, but I might just be able to twist a few arms to join me so we'll see.

All that being said I believe that I should leave you with some music to run to:

This song came on the radio this week at work and I was surprised that I hadn't put up any of their songs - thankfully that issue has been rectified

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