Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Finding Grace in Running

Starting to run after months of being on my ass or back feeling horrible, is like starting running as an obese adult with no history of cardiovascular activity - it's hard. It might even be harder because I know what it used to feel like. I am starting over from the beginning.

In starting over, I've decided to make changes. I am becoming devoted to my runs rather than their mileage or times. I personally feel that this is the best way for me to make baby steps towards building up my mileage without the stress of not succeeding or feeling I need to push, push, push. I am aware that I can easily get back to where I was if I am determined to run myself into the ground.

As such I have started to cherish the small victories, small changes - I can run up the last hill in my run without feeling like I'm going to die half way up. I run more these days and walk less. The mileage is exactly the same - 3 miles. That is it, no less and some days a little more. I have decided to follow the Marathon training guide which is Run - TWTh Sat and Sun, off on Mondays and Fridays - but since my Tuesday's are not free my schedule is WTh, SatSunMon. The benefits right now of only doing 3 miles are:

1. It's short - not overly taxing
2. Because it's short I can cross train
3. It's about the process not about the speed - I measure my runs now on how I feel.

3 miles might seem small but 26.2 isn't really a whole lot longer... in that when you start the race it's about chipping away at that total - I just have to chip away at it 8.5ish times over.

But in the end that's not the point - grace for myself is - I get out there and I feel what my body is doing - good or bad, it's a run and it's a step back towards health.

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