Sunday, May 24, 2009

My Apologies

The blog has been lost by the way side much like my running these days, to the point where despite the fact that I would love running to be the most important part of my day, it can't be - I have papers, a job and a home to try to stay afloat in, never mind I'm hitting the airport again for another trip. Travel has become my middle name in the last year and I'm starting to actually like it. So on those notes here's what seems to be happening:

The marathon is going to have to be a no-go, I think at this point I need to re-evaluate my running, step back and start over, start encorporating yoga into my life again and trying to find a way to grow my life and running together in a way that doesn't abandon either but rather teaches the two of them to live together.

On that note I've decided to try and switch to the half in San Fran and then do another half in the fall somewhere and then aim for the full in Philidephia where my aunt lives. It will be the perfect time for a long run, cold - much like my home climate. And then from there just keep going, as I should have found how to work the two aspects together - there's a marathon in Houston in January and we just keep going from there.

A second programing note I'm off to New York, so this week's programming is delayed, but because I love music and have a desire to see Vegas again, maybe even this summer..

Waking Up in Vegas - Katy Perry


  1. what's in new york? are you traveling with anyone?

  2. pleasure is the reason for the visit, and here with ms. j