Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Marathons - The New Black?

Tina Fay proudly said "B*tch was the new black" when Hillary was running for the nomination, and maybe she was right, but I think we have a new black. A new staple, a new go to, ever popular event that might just be less excruciating then running for the Democratic nod. Marathons. I will say I have never run one, though my goal is to this year finish one if not two. It is a monumental decision in many respects and in many ways just as all consuming as an election, though a marathon is likely a far healthier goal.

This blog will in many ways cover the highs and lows of training, but the goal is not those finish lines, but rather to find a way to laugh, love and enjoy the process of running in life. Life is in many ways a continuous race, and no I'm not referring to that "rat race" we all seem to through ourselves into - but rather a cyclic process of starting and finishing in succession. We start school, we finish - some of us quickly and elated, and others it might as well have been an ultra marathon started with no training. And so the process begins again. A new stage of my life began this year and running as become my way of training the rest of my life for the roads ahead, those travelled and those untraveled.

I hope that this will be a place for seasoned vets to find new ideas and places and for all those somewhere earlier on the road to find some solace and community. Happy Running!!

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