Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I'm Back I Promise

Sorry for my delinquency, but we are back on schedule I promise, I really promise. Note I am aware IMEEM took away all our beautiful music when it was co-oped by Myspace - so we'll have to fix that too in time.

So now that we are back on schedule, let me inform you of the schedule.

Running Group Schedule is as follows:

Date:Wednesday's - starting Feb 3/10
Time: 6:30-6:40 (depart at 6:40 sharp) - 7:40 (approx)
Where: Main Street/Chinatown Skytrain
During the weeks of Feb 17-March 3 - we will meet at Broadway and Victoria - one block East from Commercial.

Date: Saturday's - starting Feb 6/10
Time: 8:30am (8:35 sharp we leave)
Where: Meet at Burrard Station on the corner across from the Bank of Montreal.
The Olympics shouldn't affect this group - but if it does we'll figure something else out. I know the time seems early but the routes downtown get clogged if you aren't out there early

Helpful Hints/Guidelines:

1. Avoid cotton - while it's great for mitts and in blends for your socks, cotton loves moisture and so between your sweat and the inevitably moist weather you're going to end up wet, cold, chaffing and well really really not happy.

2. You do not need to spend $$$. I qualify this with #3, see below. Basic technically/workout/gym/Lululemon esque clothing works - as long as you feel comfortable in it and layer. Example for a run in our current very balmy temperature I would wear a tank and a long sleeve technical shirt with gloves - you may wear more or less. Don't have the gear - check out Value Village (all discarded race day gear is donated to here), Walmart/Zellers/Costco - they carry your very basic gear - good place to start, or if you are sure you're going to do this a while check out the cheap online gear in the Website Wednesday link - it's a great place for cheap shoes too.

3. Buy/wear good quality footwear - this is where you need to fork out about $100 and buy a pair of shoes that works for you. Don't know what that is - well when you step out of the shower tomorrow look at your foot print, is it one blob - no visible arch? You're flat footed, and so on - Runner's World has shoe guides to help you out - the best option in the end is to check out a Running Room/Penninsula Runners or New Balance store and get assessed - they'll be able to look at your old shoes and your gait and figure out what would be best for you.

4. Hydration - water is about all you need - drink as much of it through the day and you'll be fine for most of your short work outs, long runs will require that you consider carrying water with you - Gatorade or other electrolyte drinks aren't really necessary for you right now - talk to me if you have questions about that.

5. HAVE FUN - if you hurt, if this isn't fun or any other non-fun related issue let me know ASAP so we can address it.


  1. any bites yet? I can sign up for Mondays at the community centre if you are still up for that. I was also wondering if there is another morning you could run? If it was early enough I could probably drive and meet you and get back in time for Ovi to get ready to go to work. That way we'd have 3 runs. Then with your other group (above) you'd have 5 runs/week...that's intense but probably what you need to get your mileage in before your Vancouver debute! let me know....xoxo tasha

  2. Okay I just went to post a LONG response and my computer has a blonde moment.

    Monday for sure, I'll sign up Friday.

    There has been minimal response, Britta is interested but still recovering from her hip injury. V and a friend are interested and J has promised to show - so we have 2-3 at best. I was hoping for more - oh well.

    As to a morning Friday would be the best option for a morning run - I have a little flexibility with that morning - I could do a 5am run - the first bus out of here downtown is at 5:25, which would be too late once you factor in a run, then shower and leave to wherever I was heading that day. Or we could speed work or hills - it would be a shorter run?