Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My Apologies

I have fallen of the face of the Earth - I was sick for a while, busy with work and school... I haven't been able to blog from work like I usually do. I will try to be better. I will let you know how the training has been going. I have started doing yoga again. I normally resist yoga when I'm a little squidgy in places - because somehow having to bend and bind around your Beyonce like booty is not like running in a what is effectively a mini skirt in pouring rain and wind. Yes the later should be more uncomfortable but I digress. I have had problems in the past with plantar fascititis and snapping hip syndrome (which apparently is only a dancer's injury - oh bless my weird body) and the Runner's World insistence on core stability has me back at yoga.

So lessons learned:

1. Yoga - I recommend it - I found that my core class is really good for me on my rest day. I have done some of an advanced Hatha class per my teacher's suggestion that I challenge myself. Too much challenge. I (and possibly you) are training for a race not a better shoulder stand or what have you. I will definitely keep this one up and I might up my yoga in the summer when I normally decrease my mileage because of the damn heat.

2. Diet - Being GF/DF and well let's face it S Reduced is challenging - my health in general has been really challenging to the point where this might be the last racing year for a while. I am finding that I am still very immune compromised and my acupuncturist can't seem to tell me more than the specialists - they know my body isn't happy, they just don't know why. Acupuncturist says it's heat in my liver and kidneys and the Immunologist just shrugs his shoulders - apparently my body is upset but what is causing it is anyone's guess. Sweet.

3. Persistence - find joy in the little victories and acknowledge when you've set the challenge too high.

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